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Since January 2022 the Society of Professional Economists has been collaborating with Economicsense Ltd to deliver courses to professional economists – SPE Courses. The Society of Professional Economists is the leading organisation serving professional economists in the UK and Europe.

Economists need to stay up-to-date with the latest theoretical and empirical developments in economics but also other trends such as the emergence of green finance, data visualisation and big data. Moreover, the way economists are engaging with their clients and internal stakeholders is rapidly changing too.

SPE Courses provides courses for economists who want to stay on top of all these latest developments and trends. From refreshing your econometric skills to learning about cost-benefit analysis or the most popular programming languages used in economics, SPE Courses will help you meet your needs.

SPE Courses are delivered live and on-demand. Follow the link to current live and on-demand courses. For more information on Economicsense Ltd and SPE Courses, please email specourses@economicsense.co.uk

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