Why economicsense

What drives innovation – the main force behind rising living standards? How to address the challenges arising from climate change? Is trade good or bad for local jobs and businesses? How can businesses thrive in a rapidly changing world? How does monetary policy shape business prospects? How to appraise the pros and cons of different investment projects or policy proposals? Does regulatory divergence offer new market opportunities?

Insights from economics and finance can provide answers to these and many more questions.

Economics and finance are also full of technical jargon, which makes it difficult for many to take full advantage of these insights.

At economicsense we believe that economics and finance doesn’t have to be full of jargon. We believe that the key concepts but also the latest academic and policy advancements can be presented simply and concisely so that you can make the most of what economics has to offer to address the tasks you face.

economicsense – making sense of economics.

About us

Catherine Connolly is the founder of economicsense, a specialist economics training provider and consultancy. Catherine is also on the Council of the Society of Professional Economists, and teaches policy economics at Leeds University.

Prior to setting up economicsense, Catherine was a Senior Civil Servant in the British Civil Service – working among others at HM Treasury and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – and a member of the Government Economic Service. She has also worked for Deutsche Bank Research in Frankfurt, the New Zealand Treasury and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. In these different roles Catherine worked on a wide range of economic topics including macroeconomic forecasting, monetary policy and balance of payments, cost-benefit analysis, innovation and the economics of biodiversity and marine conservation.

Catherine studied at Otago University in New Zealand, where she gained a post-graduate honours degree, specialising in macro-economics.

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Frank Eich joined economicsense in April 2020 as director. Frank’s interests cover a wide range of topics, including fiscal policy and public finances, pensions, economic forecasting, EU institutions and financial stability.

Frank has worked as an economist in the public and private sectors in Europe and the United States, in the former at HM Treasury, the Bank of England, the German Federal Finance Ministry and the International Monetary Fund; in the latter at Pension Insurance Corporation and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Frank has published widely, including at the IMF and Bank of England. Frank holds a PhD and MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

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