Spring 2024 Newsletter After the cost-of-living crisis, what next? Public-sector productivity. The role of government and re-nationalisation. Wellbeing in Appraisal. Read

Winter 2023-24 Newsletter Soft landing, Improving Living Standards, Waiting for Godot, Educational attainment, AI and productivity. Read

Autumn 2023 Newsletter Google and Antitrust, HS2 and Northern Powerhouse, Exploding Costs – the cost of the energy transition and Data linking. Read

Summer 2023 Newsletter Chess and economics, World Wide Web celebrates a big birthday, Adam Smith’s tercentenary. Read

Spring 2023 Newsletter I say tomato, you say turnip, The price of resilience, The cost-of-living crisis and hyperinflation in Weimar Germany and Money in sports and games Take 2. Read

Christmas 2022 Newsletter A Roller Coaster of a year. Unprecedented macroeconomic challenges, The energy crisis vs climate change, Inflation, The Government’s growth agenda, Sports and video gaming. Read

Autumn 2022 Newsletter: Going after greenwashing, Is out debt sustainable?, Funding government spending – who should pay? and Competition and big tech. Read.

Summer 2022 Newsletter: CBAM Another acronym, Chargers for the environment, Gas rations and what not to say in a job interview. Read

Spring 2022 Newsletter: The price of resilience and how high can inflation go. Economicsense is now delivering SPE Courses.  Read

Winter 2021-22 Newsletter: Looking back to look forward. From COP26 to the Covid pandemic to inflation to making new career choices in the new year. Read

Autumn 2021 Newsletter:  From climate change and COP26 to inflation (again!) to career choices post Covid to the latest wellbeing guidance. Read

Summer 2021 Newsletter: From inflation as a risk to central bank independence to when to make a career move to supporting a green and blue recovery post Covid. Read

Spring 2021 Newsletter: From building back better to how to pay for the Covid-19 pandemic to lessons from the US presidential elections for career development and lifelong learning. Read

Winter 2020-21 Newsletter: From achieving herd immunity to the EU/UK Trade Agreement to UK regulatory standards post Brexit. Read

Autumn 2020 Newsletter: From the battle between Epic Games, the producer of Fortnite, and Apple to the UK government’s debt post Covid to cartel spotting. Read

Spring 2020 Newsletter: From “v” or “u”-shaped recoveries from the Covid-19 crisis to the UK government’s Furlough labour-market scheme to the impact of the crisis on the aviation industry. Read

Winter 2019-20 Newsletter: From UK/EU trade negotiations to rescuing airlines to cost-benefit analysis in the news. Read

Autumn 2019 Newsletter From rescuing the travel industry to the costs and benefits of High Speed 2 (“HS2”) to making analytical career choices. Read

Analysis and Commentary

Is current inflation a threat to central bank independence? More likely central banks will interpret their mandates more flexibly Read

Amsterdam overtaking London as a financial centre? Brexit will move some financial services to the continent but to make real progress the EU needs to focus on its Capital Markets Union. Read

Not just teething problems: new UK-EU trade barriers are here to stay Businesses now need to focus on adapting in the most efficient way. Read

There is more to innovation than raising GDP Building back better just a slogan? Read

Special privileges for the vaccinated to address free riding? If compulsion is not an option, can governments deliver the public good of herd immunity through market forces? Read

UK Government debt post Corona Policy options to reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio without austerity. Read

The Corona crisis and pensions Government options to help the recovery Read

Media and Other

Catherine Connolly of economicsense and Councillor of the Society of Professional Economists participates in the RES’s UK WEN Annual Networking Event. Read (external link).

Can Taxes and the Free Market Solve Climate Change? Frank Eich discusses this issue with David Schultz on Bloomberg Law. Listen (external link)

From Scale to Purpose? The EU’s support for startups in the global race for tech dominance. Authors Jake Benford and Frank Eich, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung. Read (external link)

Tim Ng, who was the Chief Economic Advisor and a Deputy Secretary at the New Zealand Treasury until early 2021, talks to Catherine Connolly as part of the Speaker series organised by the Society of Professional Economists. Watch (external link).

James Richardson, Chief Economist at the National Infrastructure Commission, and Amanda Rowlatt, Chief Analyst and Strategy Director at the Department for Transport, discuss the future of infrastructure appraisal. Chair Catherine Connolly, webinar held by the Society of Professional Economists. Watch (external link)

Covid-19: A new era of closer cooperation between the EU and its neighbours? Authors Frank Eich, Christian Hanelt and Miriam Kosmehl, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung. Read (external link)

Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and REAL Centre at the Health Foundation, talks to Catherine Connolly about social care and the coronavirus as part of the Speakers Series organised by the Society of Professional Economists. Watch (external link)

The Corona crisis and the stability of the European banking sector – A repeat of the Great Financial Crisis? Authors Frank Eich, Theresa Küspert and Philipp Schulz, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung and Hertie School Jacques Delors Centre. Read (external link)

Alison Cottrell, CEO Banking Standards Board, Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist HSBC, and Osama Rahman, Director of Analysis at the Department of Education, discussed careers in economics. Chaired by Catherine Connolly and hosted by the Society of Professional Economists. Read (external link).

Gemma Tetlow, Chief Economist at the Institute for Government, Jenny Bates, Director, at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, and Sarah Smith, Professor Economics at the University of Bristol, discussed women in economics. Chaired by Catherine Connolly, hosted by the Society of Professional Economists. Read (external link).