Understanding economics

Making sense of trade and globalisation Rapid growth in trade has been a remarkable feature of the global economy in recent decades. This module distils economic evidence and thinking on trade into an accessible course that is highly relevant to current discussions about post-Brexit trade arrangements, trade wars and income inequality.

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Making sense of central banks and money Money matters. Central banks have enormous influence over the economy. In this module you will learn why central banks are key players in the financial markets, how their role has changed since the financial crisis and how they shape global bond, equity and currency markets.

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Making sense of government: taxes, spending and regulation We all pay tax. We all use public services. We are all subject to regulation. The government plays a critical role in shaping the economy and the choices we make as businesses, individuals and households. This module will ensure you understand what governments do, why they do it and how they do it.

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Making sense of cost-benefit analysis When making decisions we all ask ourselves about the pros and cons of different choices. Governments and businesses are no different. Cost-benefit analysis provides the basic framework used to assess whether to go ahead with a project proposal or not and the consequences of doing so.

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Making sense of sustainable growth: demography, technology and the environment What makes growth sustainable? Will we always get richer? What resources do we need to preserve for future generations? Will technology accelerate growth or displace workers? This module provides insights into what drives growth and what makes growth sustainable.

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Making sense of booms, busts and economic cycles Are booms and busts inevitable? Why does no-one see them coming? This module will ensure you understand economic growth, business cycles, booms and busts.

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