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Upcoming courses can be found here.

The understanding economics series helps you to make sense of the UK and global economy.       
The strategic insights series helps you to make sense of key developments affecting your business.
Professional development courses help economists develop their careers.                                         

Bespoke courses

All courses are bespoke to your organisation. The modules outlined above can be adapted and combined to meet your training needs.

Personal delivery and interactive sessions

All courses are delivered in person and accompanied by a takeaway report for participants. Delivery is organised to fit with busy schedules.

Helping you make better decisions and prepare for the future

The understanding economics modules are designed for non-economists who want to use economic insights in their daily corporate decision making.

The strategic insights modules are an excellent way to start a corporate awayday or strategy session. They are designed to provide food for thought in terms of horizon scanning and future strategy development for your business.

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