Catherine Connolly runs economicsense.

About economicsense

economicsense was set up to help you take advantage of economic and strategic insights when navigating a complex world and planning for the future.

Whether it is the latest move in interest rates, global trade and free trade agreements or post-Brexit environmental regulation, economic issues dominate the headlines.

But do we understand what these headlines mean for our business or organisation?

economicsense gives you the tools to navigate this environment. It does so by setting out economic concepts and strategic insights in an accessible fashion, and helping you apply these to your circumstances. You don’t need to become an economist to benefit from economic insights!

What makes economicsense special is that its services are tailor made to meet your exact requirements and provided by Catherine personally. In addition, specialist partners are brought in where beneficial to clients.

About Catherine Connolly

Prior to setting up economicsense, Catherine worked in the British Civil Service between 2001 and 2018 where she was a member of the Government Economic Service and the Senior Civil Service.   

At HM Treasury she headed the EU Country Unit, worked on the “EMU five tests assessment” informing the decision on euro membership, and more recently on financial stability issues and public-sector productivity.  

Catherine ran the ‘think tank’ at the former Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) where she specialised in innovation and globalisation in the UK services sector.  

At the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Catherine led on a wide range of environmental policy, including cost-benefit analysis, regulation and valuation.

Prior to her career in the British civil service, Catherine worked as a macroeconomic forecaster in the public and private sectors abroad, including at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the New Zealand Treasury in Wellington, New Zealand and Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Catherine studied at Otago University in New Zealand, where she gained a post-graduate honours degree, specialising in macro-economics.

Catherine is on the council of the Society of Professional Economists, and a member of the Royal Economic Society and the British German Association.

For a full CV see Linkedin.